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  The weather on news channel N24 is coming from Lüsse this morning every half hour.


  An updated List of Team Frequencies is now available in download area section SPORT. Download...


  Photos of the first training day may now be seen in section PICTURES


  A Letter to Team Captains is now available in download area section REGISTRATION. Download...


  A Media Accreditation Form is now available in download area section MISCELANEOUS. Download...


  Turning-, Start - Points and Airspace Data now available in download area section SPORT. Download...


  Bulletin #3 is now online and can be downloaded.


  Rental cars at reduced rates - Europcar - The leading European car rental company has agreed to become official sponsor of the WGC 2008! We have not yet finalised all terms & conditions, but we will be able to provide around 15 rental cars (e.g. Mercedes-Benz E-Class station wagon, VW Sharan and Golf, Audi Q7 etc.) with tow hook to competitors at significantly reduced rates. Please stay tuned (detailed information to follow in Bulletin 3), and write an e-mail now to administration[at] detailing your car rental needs as a preliminary reservation.


  The local procedures and the self briefing system are now online and can be downloaded.


  The final entry list of March 31 can now be viewed or downloaded. Because of the large number of entries reduction measures will have to be taken in the 18m class (from 49 pilots to 47) and the 15m class (from 53 to 49 pilots). The total number of participants must not exceed 134. The way this is accomplished is explained in the letter to the Team Captains (Documents). Countries may arrange class changes for pilots affected by the reduction measures, if they have not yet entered pilots in another class. Please note: Class changes now are possible until May 15, 2008.


  Lufthansa, our main sponsor, has just published the first of a series of articles on gliding and the WGC in Lüsse - Press


  The leading radio station RBB Hörfunk (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) has staged a media partnership with the FCC Berlin for the WGC. The RBB will help advertize the championships with special attention to the opening ceremony and the air show.


  A special postal stamp has been published in connection with the World Gliding Championships in Luesse depicting a glider. The series of four sports stamps " show a glider and motives in connection with the chess olympics in Dresden, the German rowing team at the Olympics in Bejing and the European soccer championship in Austria and Switzerland. The special edition stamp with a value of 45 Cent plus 20 Cent for sports-acitivites is available at all post offices in 2008 and can also be bought in Luesse.


  Please find further information about the final entry forms for the WGC 2008 in Lüsse (Download). We sent this information to all team captains. Please consider that you have the possibility to modify your final entries until March 31, 2008 (this also applies to entries which are already made).


  34 nations have handed in their preliminary registrations with a large number of participants. The organizing team is working flat out to have everything ready in time.
  Bulletin #2 is now available
  The preliminary Participants list can now be viewed
  Airfields in WGC2008 competition area offering training opportunities (in July, when Luesse is closed)


  Bulletin #1 is now available