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DVD containing information about the WCG 2008 in Luesse is now available. This DVD is packed full of information and impressions of the WCG 2008. The daily video reports are accompanied by a 34 minute summary of the World Championships.
The DVD is available for the price of 10 Euros. Postage is not included.
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The 30th World Gliding Championships have come to a successful End

The Champions: Michael Sommer Germany – open class; György Gulyas Hungary – 15m class; Olivier Darroze France – 18m class

After eight competition days filled with intensive and demanding flights the World Champions in the 15m, the 18m and the open class have been found. We congratulate the new champions on their victories. The airfield Luesse and the team of organizers have provided the setting for fair competition flying. The well established infrastructure of the high performance training center Luesse, a suitable airspace and last not least the thermal conditions of the surrounding area have done their part in guaranteeing a smooth and safe competition.

An extraordinary sportsmanship was shown by the 130 participants from 34 nations. Old friendships were renewed and new ones found. Sporting performances in the air were complemented by the relaxed atmosphere on the ground.

We owe our thanks to all pilots, team captains and members, stewards, jury and visitors of the World Gliding Championships 2008 in Luesse. Thanks also to the team of organizers of the FCC Berlin, the many helpers, the tugies and the friendly local supporters. It has been a great honor and pleasure for us to hold the 30th Championships in Germany!

Safe flights to everyone and see you again in Hungary in 2010!
Herbert Maertin, Contest Director

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Luesse in Action


A great opening ceremony was held at Belzig market place on Saturday, August 2nd. The Lufthansa stewardesses and stewards did their part to make the presentation of the national teams a most attractive event.


 Our next highlight was the air show on Sunday, August 10th. Together with many spectators we enjoyed sophisticated aerobatics of gliders, motorized planes and models. Luesse has become a regular airport with frequent departures and landings of the Ju52 and the Antonov double decker. Also many historic gliders and airplanes to be marvelled at.


The last week of competition flying has started and we're eager to see which pilots will climb to the podium.



And now the winners are known! They received their prices from Minister President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck and Silke Kaden Lufthansa at the price giving ceremony on August 16th.



Die 30. Segelflug-Weltmeisterschaften sind erfolgreich beendet. Nach acht Wertungstagen sind die Weltmeister in der 15m -, 18m – und der Offenen Klasse nach sportlich hochwertigen Flügen ermittelt. Herzlichen Glückwünsch den neuen Weltmeistern!

György Gulyas, Ungarn – 15m Klasse
Olivier Darroze, Frankreich – 18m Klasse
Michael Sommer, Deutschland – Offene Klasse

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Datum Programm
03.08.-15.08. täglich Wettbewerbsflüge
10.08. 12:00 Flugshow und Wettbewerbsflüge
15.08. 20:00 Abschiedsparty
16.08. 10:00 Abschlussveranstaltung, Preisverleihung
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Aug 01 The weather report on News Channel N24 is coming from Lüsse this morning every half hour!
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Juli 27 Photos of the first training day may now be seen at PICTURES
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